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The Music

6:30 - 8:00 Bellwether Breaks


Bellwether Breaks has a groove so irresistible it won't let you walk out the door. This new band draws its life blood from slinky 60s Soul and early Rock n Roll, with a smattering of angular 90s grit. Their songs are fun and familiar yet unpredictable, like a confident lover with an acceptable number of red flags.


"You can see it and feel it...they just lean in and let the groove do its thing." says Frank DeBlase, music writer for Rochester, NY's City newspaper. Bellwether Breaks EP "Headed Home" was staff picked as one of ten of Rochester's most loved albums of 2022 
by Rochester City News.


8:30 - 10:00 River Lynch & the Spiritmakers


In the vein of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Roots Rock, Blues, and Americana; the band has received comparisons to artists such as Tom Petty, The Black Keys, and Alabama Shakes, while bringing a renewed energy to their own bluesy, hook-filled, vintage influenced sound. “The sound transcends what we think of as a typical rock outfit”, says  

photo by Aaron Winters

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