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Here are the beer lists from past Expos.

2022     2019      2018      2017      2016      2015

Here are the beer lists from past Expos.

2022      2019      2018      2017      2016

2015     2014      2013      2012       2011 


Here are the beer lists from past Expos.


2022      2019      2018      2017      2016

2015     2014      2013      2012       2011 


Allagash / Windfall, Seconds To Summer, My One and Only

Ardennes / Speciale Belge, Cranberry Sour, Quadrupel

Aslin / Big Daddy Bronco Sour, VA Beach BA Stout, Double Green Starfish, Too Much Hops

Big Ditch / Pineapple Hayburner, It Is What It Isn't, Dock Jams, Helles

Bissell / Substance, Swish, Baby Genius

Brindle Haus / Strawberry Shortcake Sour, Mo-Sim Triple IPA, Brindle Pils

Burlington / Elaborate, You Can't Get There From Here

Captain Lawrence / Mood: Flourish NEIPA, Summer Anthem Kolsch

Catskill / Ball Lightning Pils, Haines Falls Sour Ale with Cherry

Common Roots / Good Fortune, Raspberry Tasteful, Coffee Cup

Copper Leaf / Koyt Saison, Second Pump Raspberry, Flanders Red

Embark / Strawberry Rhubarb, Blueberry Peach

Equilibrium / Photon, HDHC Dream Wave Fluctuation, Mimosa

Faircraft / Gose, Pre Prohibition Pils, Norwegian Farmhouse

Fifth Frame / Classic Light, Blizzy Watermelon

Fifth Hammer / Electric Lemonberry Sour, Southbound Coconut Cream Ale

Firestone / Hopnosis, Primal Elements, Gold Rider

Foam / The Night Has A Thousand Eyes, Light In Phases

Founders / Haze of Destiny, Mas Agave Pear

Frequentem / Natural Flavors Tangerine, Just Fruit, Basmati Rice Lager

Grimm / Wavetable IPA, Grimm Weiss

Hill Farmstead / Marie, Edward

Hudson / HN Strawberry Rhubarb, HN Salted Watermelon

Hudson Valley / Incandenza, Pina Cola Silloette, Orange Lime Confetti, Ambio

Iron Tug / Shoreleave Cherry Cobbler, Triple IPA

Irondequoit / Liberator Doppel Bock, Cherry Fantome

Jacks & Springdale / Grapefruit Radler,  Chai Barrel Aged Framinghammer, not stirred: tequila me softly 

K2 / Dull Whip Imperial Sour, Strawberry Rhubarb Sour ipa, Michalada Pils 

KCBC /Brain Death, Marble Of Doom V

Lawsons / Salt and Lime Scrag Pils, Little Sip, Super Session

Meiers Creek / Mooncube, Moonshooter

Mortalis / Barrel Aged Pear Brandy Leto, Barrel Aged Whams Above Whams Below,  Jurassic Oldmanbearma DIPA, Laertes Pilsner Crispy Boy, Siren "Kick Out the Jams" Edition Fruit Smoothie Sour

New Belgium / Tripel, UK Spring Break, Adding Chamber Rye 

Night Shift / Night Lite, Fluffy, Santilli

Noble Shepherd / Mise en Place: Blackberry, Peach, Merlot Sour, IPA

Ommegang / Everything Nice,  Neon Boodle, Rye Vanilla 

OSB / Motley Blue, The Riveter

Oskar Blues/Cigar City / BA Death By Coconut, Margerita Gose

Other Half / Broccolis Axe, Deep Orbit Cosmos Red Shift, Enfants Du Mais

Pressure Drop / Loganberry Sour, Blackalicious Belgian Imperial Stout

Prison City / BA Whams, Laser Brain, Crispy Boys, DDH Mass Riot

Rare Form / Members Only Brown, Czech 1, Ripple Effect IPA

Rising Storm / Liquid Brunch, Tangerine Blood Orange Prickly Pear It Was Written Sour IPA, Chocolate CaREAM Pie, Touch Of Grey IPA

Sager / Paulo's Bellini, Hannah's Raising Helles, University Ave Pale Ale, CUE IPA

Singlecut / Green Plastic Watering Cans,  Frequency, Guitarist Turns Down Volume!!

Sloop / Sauer Peach, Fresh Pressed Juice Bomb, Muay Thai, West Coast Juice Bomb

Steuben / Local Liquid Pedersen Pils, The Golden One

Stone / Stone IPA, Enjoy By 7/4

Strangebird / Bird Light, Wyvern DIPA, Whale Herder, Strawberry Agave

Swiftwater / Peach Mango Lemonade Fruit Float, Whysky Maple Big, Swifty Shifty,  Hefe Coconut CASK

Thin Man / Electro Interno, Do A Barrel Roll, Unsung Helles

Three Heads / Peach Pie Sour, ba Barleywine, Creamsicle Sour 

Torch & Crown / Intersect Session IPA, Tenement Pils

Upstate / Summer Time Blues, Lake Road

Veil / Yella Lambz, Crucial Taunt, Shredder, Choose Me, CatNap, Mystery

Zero Gravity / Jaws, Starina Pale Ale

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