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The beer list has been curated by Will Cleveland. All local breweries at the Expo were selected by public voting. We will be updating this page regularly up until the event so check back often.

Will Cleveland, a Rochester native and former investigative reporter for the Democrat and Chronicle, has been covering the western New York beer scene since 2014 — first at the D&C and now through a weekly newsletter, the Cleveland Prost. During his time chronicling beer, the Rochester scene has grown to more than 25 breweries in Monroe County, including 14 in the city of Rochester. He lives in the city of Rochester with his wife Cassie and infant son Audie. You can subscribe to his work at


903 Beer  Kilt Switch Scotch ale; Texas imperial Pils; Hurricane Slushy Berliner; Dr. Seltzer hard seltzer

Angry Chair  Rocky Road imperial sweet stout; Tee Time Berliner; Zest in Peace wheat ale

Aporia Coffee Three batches of cold brew; Espresso *NA*

Ardennes  Summer Farm Ale; Hibiscus Passionfruit Sour; Dubbel

Arkane   Sunnyside DIPA; Grandma Fingers blueberry cobbler sour

Athletic  Mexican lager; Seasonal TBA *NA*

Aurora  Blumen IPA; White Chocolate Cherry Berry Blender sour

Badlands  Baby Kiwi pale ale; Distorted Re(ale)ity pale ale; Some surprises?!

Beelzebubbles  Limeade; Moscado Lemonade; Blood Orange Punch (*NA*)

Big Ditch  Pineapple Burner IPA; Strawberry Vision sour; West Coast Burner IPA; Natural Blonde Belgian blonde

Birdhouse   Archimedes Belgian dark strong; Mexican lager; Falcon NEIPA

BlackBird  Cluster Honey cider; Summer cider (strawberry prickly pear)

Blood Brothers Reverend Kane Rum Barrel Aged Imperial Stout; Blood Light pale ale; Bloodvar Czech Pils; Stone Fruit Steve Austin cherry blackberry sour

Brewlihan  Serum-S025 pineapple coconut session mead; Blueberry pomegranate session mead; Serum-S017.1 fruit punch

BriarBrothers  8 Hour Custom NEIPA; Savages Kolsch; Punch Bowl (peaches & cream) sour

Bright Path  Coalport Czech dark, Helles (German gravity keg!)

Bullfinch Hex Hefeweizen; Into the Underdark blackberry mojito sour

Celestial  Chaotic Orbit NEIPA; Chat Room WC Pils; Odysseus TIPA

Cinderlands  Cindi's Hard Mountain Tea; Lil Cinder Light Lime; Mango Breaker (sour mango IPA)

Counterpart  Mamba hazy DIPA; Breathe hazy IPA; Zombie (Black currant, mango, coconut cream) smoothie sour; BA treat

Dancing Gnome  TBA

Dewey  Strawberry Pretzel Salad Gose; El Trono Mexican lager; Double Your Circuits DIPA; Secret Machine: Pomegranate, Cranberry, Strawberry, Muffins smoothie sour

Eli Fish The Final Cap blended BA beer; tba

Embark   Taste of Paradise; Strawberry Rhubarb; The Batch

Eredita Just Be Helles lager; Over Zealous DIPA; The Usual IPA

Faircraft  Intrepid blonde stout; For Elise Vienna lager; Holle's Little Pilsner

Fidens  Eugene's Axe DIPA; Roaming with Fireflies IPA

Fifth Frame  Dizzny Blizzy smoothie sour; Up the Road DIPA; Lucerna Czech Pils

Finback  Little Coconut snacky imperial stout; Whale Watching DIPA; Smooth Beats Miami coconut IPA

Frequentem  Natural Flavors Strawberry sour IPA; Just Fruit Peach Mango heavily fruited sour; Get Pitted (light lager with fruits of the sun)

Froth Juice Life IPA; Fruited sour TBD

Genesee GBH Helles; Alora Cream Ale; 12 Horse

Grimm The Open Work: Tart Cherries & Raspberries (2021); Flash Frame American IPA; Grimm Lite Lime; Village Green Preservation Society (Madeira BA barleywine)

Grow The Wilds Hazy IPA; Haus Effect lager; BBA Dark Bloom with Coconut

Happy Gut  3-4 varieties; espresso (*NA*)

Heavy Reel THYKK mango lassi sour; LUUV pineapple whip sour; LUUV orange whip sour; Drowning Clown DIPA

Human Robot  Polotmavy Czech amber

Illumination Mead  Maple Bourbon Grapefruit; Soda Series: Extra Crispy; Look Ma, No Peach; Klon Miod; Traditional: Blackberry Meadowfoam; Pommeau; Stout Series: Chem Trails

Imprint Banana Nirvana imperial stout; Schmoojee Patisserree Raspberry Cheesecake smoothie sour; Gloopfellas Schmoojee smootie sour; Sun Lust hazy DIPA

Iron Tug  Dry-hopped Cream Ale; Shore Leave Pineapple Upside Down Cake sour

Irondequoit  Espresso Three Shores; No Filter: Fruit Punch

Jack's Abby  Porch Fest lager; Bella Lago Italian Pils

K2 Brothers  K2 lite (with fruit); Kylix NEIPA; Raspberry Lemonade Sour; Spicy Bloody Mary Dill Pickle Sour

Katboocha  Two seasonal flavors (*NA*)

Kettlehead  Pulpy IPA; Pulp Up The Late Night Jams imperial sour (Definitive collab); Cereal imperial stout TBD; No Time To Die TIPA (Modestman collab)

Knucklehead  Basil lemon blueberry hard seltzer; new hazy IPA

Laurentide Penn Yan Ice; TBD

Living Roots  Mix of wines

Lock 32   No Wake (orange pineapple sour aged in gin barrel); Mixed berry hard seltzer

Magnanimous  Juice Lord hazy DIPA; Green Place IPA; Dark Messenger vanilla porter; Never Ending Game DIPA

Masthead  Hazy Headlines IPA; Oni Giri rice lager; Cleveland Experiment, Vol. 3 hazy IPA; Lizard People, Dear Reader hazy DIPA

Matron Memento Mori mild with Earl Grey; Janky IPA; Dapper Vienna Lagerbier

Meier's Creek  Berry Manilow sour; Looks Good on You Though hazy IPA

Mighty Squirrel  Cloud Candy hazy IPA; Sour Face: Pink Lemonade sour

Mortalis  Chimera fruited sour; Happy Learned to Putt DIPA; a surprise?!

Naked Dove  2015 Barleywine; 2018 BA Russian Imperial Stout; Helles; Doppelbock

Naples   NYIPA; Raspberry Lemon Kolsch

Nine Spot  You Bet Your Dupa I'm Smoked Grodziskie; Get Bee to a Nunnery golden ale; NSB ESB

Noble Shepherd  Citra Citra Citra NEIPA; Mise en Place: Peach & Cab Sauv sour; Dry-hopped PIlsner with Sauv Blanc

Okay  French oak Helles; Fruited Kolsch; Frisco Kid WC IPA

Old Thunder  IPA; lager; TBA

Other Half  Green Flowers WC IPA; Solo Exhibition: Riwaka TIPA; Double Nectaron Daydream DIPA; Wild ale bottles

Preservation  Full Rolling (Belgian white with sumo oranges); Tin Plate (chocolate raspberry stout aged in Cab Sauv barrel)

Prison City   DDH Mass Riot IPA; Tangerine Wit; Hops Springs Eternal NYS lager; Dark in Daytime stout

Resurgence  Nocturnal Pivo; 10th anniversary IPA; On the Tea sour

Rising Storm  Rhymenoceros New Zealand pils; infinite Citra dipa; Bumbleberry It Was Written sour ipa

Rohrbach  Helles, Sunset Sorbet, Nautical Mile and Sam Patch Porter

Sager  Sager Landbier (German amber lager); University Ave Pale Ale; Jessica Rabbit Red WC red ale; Mr. Socko's Saison

Seed + Stone  Azacca hop cider; Do you like jazz (braggot)

Silver Lake  Horse with no Name (barrel-fermented Flanders-inspired sour brown); Rauchbier smoked amber lager; Biere de Mars (clean) saison

Sloop  Olney in NY hazy IPA; TBA (peach sour or premium lager)

Smoldered Society  Strike Anywhere lager; Chaos by Design (Mortalis collab); Neck Breaker (Metal Injection collab); Mass Delusion hazy IPA

Stoneyard  Yes... A Pudding Beer; TBA

Strange Design ESB cask; Pucker up Sweetie hibiscus punch sour

Strangebird  Salus saison; Unfettered Soul hazy DIPA; Whale Herder cream ale; Blackbird IPA collab.

Swiftwater  Polotmavy Pivo; Fruit Float: Is This Beer? Raspberry Lime sour; Swifty Shifty light lager; Makin' Waves hazy pale

Third Moon  Bone Twig NE pale; Bone Tree NEIPA; 4th Anniversary DIPA

Three Heads  Baltic porter; Seabreeze Summer Ale

Troegs  Graffiti Highway IPA; Freaky Squeeze spiked lemonade.

Trophy  TBA

True History  Vienna Classic lager; Mild Lockout Munich-style Helles lager

Underground Beer Lab Variable IPA; Vast Expanse hazy IPA; Conceptual DIPA

Wayland  TBA

Wayward Lane Grodziskie; TBA

Wild East  L’Ultima Moda Italian Pilsner, Prudence English Mild, First Pitch American Pale Ale, TBA

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