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Here are the beer lists from past Expos.

2022     2019      2018      2017      2016      2015

Here are the beer lists from past Expos.

2022      2019      2018      2017      2016

2015     2014      2013      2012       2011 


Here are the beer lists from past Expos.


2022      2019      2018      2017      2016

2015     2014      2013      2012       2011 


The Letter/Number after each brewery indicates their location at the Expo. The map will be published on here soon.


42 North (I-7): Solshine lager; Cherry Vanilla gose; mix of BA wild ales.

Allagash (I-9): Hop Reach IPA; Seconds to Summer lager.

Arkane (B-9): Galaxy Kwest IPA; Pinkish Lemonade sour; Gimme Swelter sour; Disasterpiece: Start a Nigh DIPA; Some fun surprises.

Aurora (A-3): Bee sting cocktail sour; Blood Orange La Crema cream ale; Collab IPA.

Beer Tree (I-8): Juiceland DIPA; Shandy; Lake Lager.

Big Ditch (I-1): Mudlarked Tiramisu imperial stout; Pineapple Burner IPA; Flow Rider citrus ale; Pay Per View hazy IPA.

Blood Brothers (B-4): Cactus Head IPA; Devil’s Trill DIPA; Paradise Lost Citrus Five Alive sour; Charles BA stout.

Blue Barn (C-2): Jostaberry Jam cider; Blueberry cider.

BriarBrothers (C-8): Public Secret imperial coffee vanilla stout; Woah… That’s Nelson (imperial oat cream IPA); 5.0 Kickback blueberry coffee vanilla sour.

Celestial (B-5): Triple Stars TIPA; Double Stars DIPA; Electromagnet IPA; Polymath American light lager.

Cinderlands (D-10): Cindi’s Hard Mountain Tea; Dry Country West Coast-style Pilsner; Pittsburghenstraße (Franconian lager collab w/ Human Robot).

Community Beer Works (C-3): CBW R&D IPA #1.0; No Illusions (collab with Unified).

Copper Leaf (C-1): Apricot Peach Wheat; Hazy IPA; Summer Ale; Juice News Hazy DIPA.

Counterpart (G-3): Where Eagles Have Landed hazy DIPA; Clockwork (Citra Simcoe) hazy IPA; Zombie (apricot, banana, orange, pineapple) smoothie sour.

Dewey (B-7): El Trono Mexican lager; Pineapple Papaya Marmalade sour; Orange Peach Marmalade sour.

Eli Fish (A-11): Wild Raspberry Pillow Talk (BA saison); Heavy Maple (2023); Foudre-aged Vienna Lager; Some big surprises.

Embark (C-9): Blueberry Peach cider; Strawberry Rhubard cider; Dreamcicle heavily fruited cider; Cider Orchard series.

Eredita (A-8): Tact (Citra + Simcoe IPA); Barred imperial coffee stout; PapaPils.

Fifth Frame (B-3): Blood Bath & Beyond (Blood Brothers collab) heavily fruited sour; Lucerna lager; Ice cream machine (!!!).

Finback (B-1): Dot dot dot Pilsner; Grazing in the Ordinary BA stout; High Low DIPA; Sorta Queens DIPA.

Frequentem (B-10): Just Fruit (TBD fruits) heavily fruited sour; Natural Flavors Tangerine sour IPA; 12-degree Czech Pale Lage.

Froth (C-5): Juice Life IPA; Liquid Lollypop (flavors TBD).

Genesee Brew House (at own booth, near Section D): Grape Pilsner; Orange Mosaic Cream Ale; TBD.

Godspeed (A-7): Sklepník (Pitch Lined Plzen-Style Pale Lager *conditioned in pitch lined Pilsner Urquell barrels); Buh Original Czech Pale Lager (Czechvar collaboration) 

Grimm (A-2): Bright Lights IPA; Grimm Weisse; Saison Spritz: Brooklyn.

Grow (B-12): Highborn Cold Pale Ale; Forest Aura Hazy IPA; Peach Brandy Barrel-Aged Barleywine.

Happy Gut (A-10): Mix of tea ferments.

Heavy Reel (B-8): Luvv Creamsicle sour; Luvv Dole Whip sour; Coastline IPA.

Hop Wtr hydration station (A-12)

Human Robot (A-6): Hallertau Pilsner.

Illumination (A-13): Variety of meads.

Imprint (B-6): First Person Sipper IPA; Frio Lime Lager; Margarita Shandy; Origins Colombia Marshmallow Imperial Stout; Schmoojee Banana Mango Cake heavily fruited sour; Imployees Only rice lager.

Iron Tug (D-2): Fathom Lines IPA; Avast! Blueberry Cobbler Sour.

Irondequoit (B-11): Liberator doppelbock; Mocha Berrily Awake sour.

Jack’s Abby (I-12): Ray Catcher rice lager; Lime Rickey tart lager.

K2 Brothers (C-11): Imperial Red Rye Ale; Italian Pilsner; Imperial Blue Razz Sour; BA Imperial Stout (aged in Journeyman barrel); Journeyman Wild Sour.

Katboocha (I-5): Kombucha mix.

KCBC (I-4): Venomous Villains West Coast IPA; Beach Zombie sour.

Kettlehead (A-4): Dreamstate DIPA; Pulpy IPA; Miami Weisse Berliner weisse; Elvis Lives imperial milk stout.

Knucklehead (C-12): Tainted Haze IPA; Watermelon Kolsch.

Lagunitas (A-9): Island Beats IPA; Lagunitas Pils; Hoppy Refresher.

Laurentide (H-2): West Coast IPA; Earl Grey IPA; Mango Wheat Ale.

Mortalis (A-5): Vanilla Ophion BA stout; Mortalis in the Park DIPA; Hydra Pistachio Molten Cake; Gemini Strawberry + Kiwi + Starburst.

Nine Spot (D-3): Town of Porter Porter; NSB ESB; Roy Lichtenhainer lilac smoked sour wheat ale.

Noble Shepherd: Pistachio Pudding Sour; New Zealand Pilsner w/ Sauvignon Blanc; mixed cans.

Okay Beer (H-3): Curuba (Passionfruit) Kolsch; Oak-aged Local Cream Ale; TBD.

Old Thunder (D-9): 340 Lager; False Kingdom IPA.

Other Half (D-7): More Jasper than All Jasper TIPA; HDHC Broccoli’s Axe DIPA; Mmm… Fruit (Strawberry Banana) sour; Past and Present: Cream Ale; Doug (?!?!); TDH All Nectaron Everything DIPA; some wild surprises.

Pressure Drop (G-2): Something ridiculously fresh and hoppy; Rye BA Blackalicious.

Prison City (I-3): Mass Riot IPA; Barrel-aged Wham Whams imperial stout.

Rare Form (C-4): Confetti Mexican lager; Royal Coconut Cream Ale.

Resurgence (H-1): Greenheart IPA; On the Tee sour.

Rising Storm (I-14): Mango Guava Coconut It Was Written sour IPA; All of the Lights (Mosaic) hazy pale ale; Things done Changed hazy IPA.

Roc (D-1): WWHD (What Would Heather Drink) dry-hopped Helles lager; Raspberry Miami Weisse sour.

Rohrbach Brewing (at its own stand, across from A): Radle On radler; Sunday Brunch IPA; Jill and the Giant Peach sour; Barrel-aged Tripel.

Sager (C-6): Gladiator Imperial Italian Pilsner; Jessica Rabit Red Ale; Burton-on-Genesee English IPA; King Charles Porter.

Seed + Stone (I-13): Sima mead; Blackberry mead; Azacca God cider; Citrus Splash cider.

Silver Lake (D-6): Barrel-Aged Midnight Creep imperial (slightly sour and funky) stout; Wheat Saison; Barrel-aged brett Grisette or German Pilsner.

Sloop (I-10): Das Jaegermeister IPA; Italian Pilsner.

Steuben (I-2): Perle Kolsch; Coldbrook Pilsner.

Stoneyard (C-7): Hats Off #1 (barrel fermented sour); Citrus Fruit Punch Nectar; Coconut Shrimp Kareem.

Strangebird (C-13): Wyvern DIPA; Sailing Shoes Pilsner; White Wine BA Savoir Vivre Tripel.

Swiftwater (A-1): Swifty Shifty lemon light lager; Kolsch; Fruit Float (Pineapple Orange Guava) heavily fruited sour; Dry-hopped saison (Bergamot).

Thin Man (I-6): Wake and Lake pineapple IPA; Certified Squid fruited sour.

Three Heads (C-14): Barrel-aged Barleywine; Rye Dye Rye IPA.

Threes (I-11): All or Nothing West Coast IPA; Vliet Pilsner.

Tin Barn (B-2): Pacific Cooler sour; Back 40 IPA.

Trophy (D-8): Cloud Surfer modern IPA; Cakebier (BA pastry stout).

Underground Beer Lab (G-1): Defies Logic pale ale; Mix of IPAs.

Wayland (H-4): Larkspur wit; Full Send Citra IPA; Fun Fact West Coast Pilsner; Festa cherry sour.

Wild East (D-4): Subtle Reference (Threes collab) foeder-aged Czech lager; Turnstyle Nopal (prickly pear margarita-inspired Berliner weisse); Punk Lullaby West Coast IPA; Prescience (brett blonde ale).

Young Lion (C-10): Raspberry Sour; Mexican Lager; Mocha Stout.

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