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42 North (I-7): Solshine lager; Cherry Vanilla gose; mix of BA wild ales.

Allagash (I-9): Hop Reach IPA; Seconds to Summer lager.

Arkane (B-9): Galaxy Kwest IPA; Pinkish Lemonade sour; Gimme Swelter sour; Disasterpiece: Start a Nigh DIPA; Some fun surprises.

Aurora (A-3): Bee sting cocktail sour; Blood Orange La Crema cream ale; Collab IPA.

Beer Tree (I-8): Juiceland DIPA; Shandy; Lake Lager.

Big Ditch (I-1): Mudlarked Tiramisu imperial stout; Pineapple Burner IPA; Flow Rider citrus ale; Pay Per View hazy IPA.

Blood Brothers (B-4): Cactus Head IPA; Devil’s Trill DIPA; Paradise Lost Citrus Five Alive sour; Charles BA stout.

Blue Barn (C-2): Jostaberry Jam cider; Blueberry cider.

BriarBrothers (C-8): Public Secret imperial coffee vanilla stout; Woah… That’s Nelson (imperial oat cream IPA); 5.0 Kickback blueberry coffee vanilla sour.

Celestial (B-5): Triple Stars TIPA; Double Stars DIPA; Electromagnet IPA; Polymath American light lager.

Cinderlands (D-10): Cindi’s Hard Mountain Tea; Dry Country West Coast-style Pilsner; Pittsburghenstraße (Franconian lager collab w/ Human Robot).

Community Beer Works (C-3): CBW R&D IPA #1.0; No Illusions (collab with Unified).

Copper Leaf (C-1): Apricot Peach Wheat; Hazy IPA; Summer Ale; Juice News Hazy DIPA.

Counterpart (G-3): Where Eagles Have Landed hazy DIPA; Clockwork (Citra Simcoe) hazy IPA; Zombie (apricot, banana, orange, pineapple) smoothie sour.

Dewey (B-7): El Trono Mexican lager; Pineapple Papaya Marmalade sour; Orange Peach Marmalade sour.

Eli Fish (A-11): Wild Raspberry Pillow Talk (BA saison); Heavy Maple (2023); Foudre-aged Vienna Lager; Some big surprises.

Embark (C-9): Blueberry Peach cider; Strawberry Rhubard cider; Dreamcicle heavily fruited cider; Cider Orchard series.

Eredita (A-8): Tact (Citra + Simcoe IPA); Barred imperial coffee stout; PapaPils.

Fifth Frame (B-3): Blood Bath & Beyond (Blood Brothers collab) heavily fruited sour; Lucerna lager; Ice cream machine (!!!).

Finback (B-1): Dot dot dot Pilsner; Grazing in the Ordinary BA stout; High Low DIPA; Sorta Queens DIPA.

Frequentem (B-10): Just Fruit (TBD fruits) heavily fruited sour; Natural Flavors Tangerine sour IPA; 12-degree Czech Pale Lage.

Froth (C-5): Juice Life IPA; Liquid Lollypop (flavors TBD).

Genesee Brew House (at own booth, near Section D): Grape Pilsner; Orange Mosaic Cream Ale; TBD.

Godspeed (A-7): Sklepník (Pitch Lined Plzen-Style Pale Lager *conditioned in pitch lined Pilsner Urquell barrels); Buh Original Czech Pale Lager (Czechvar collaboration) 

Grimm (A-2): Bright Lights IPA; Grimm Weisse; Saison Spritz: Brooklyn.

Grow (B-12): Highborn Cold Pale Ale; Forest Aura Hazy IPA; Peach Brandy Barrel-Aged Barleywine.

Happy Gut (A-10): Mix of tea ferments.

Heavy Reel (B-8): Luvv Creamsicle sour; Luvv Dole Whip sour; Coastline IPA.

Hop Wtr hydration station (A-12)

Human Robot (A-6): Hallertau Pilsner.

Illumination (A-13): Variety of meads.

Imprint (B-6): First Person Sipper IPA; Frio Lime Lager; Margarita Shandy; Origins Colombia Marshmallow Imperial Stout; Schmoojee Banana Mango Cake heavily fruited sour; Imployees Only rice lager.

Iron Tug (D-2): Fathom Lines IPA; Avast! Blueberry Cobbler Sour.

Irondequoit (B-11): Liberator doppelbock; Mocha Berrily Awake sour.

Jack’s Abby (I-12): Ray Catcher rice lager; Lime Rickey tart lager.

K2 Brothers (C-11): Imperial Red Rye Ale; Italian Pilsner; Imperial Blue Razz Sour; BA Imperial Stout (aged in Journeyman barrel); Journeyman Wild Sour.

Katboocha (I-5): Kombucha mix.

KCBC (I-4): Venomous Villains West Coast IPA; Beach Zombie sour.

Kettlehead (A-4): Dreamstate DIPA; Pulpy IPA; Miami Weisse Berliner weisse; Elvis Lives imperial milk stout.

Knucklehead (C-12): Tainted Haze IPA; Watermelon Kolsch.

Lagunitas (A-9): Island Beats IPA; Lagunitas Pils; Hoppy Refresher.

Laurentide (H-2): West Coast IPA; Earl Grey IPA; Mango Wheat Ale.

Mortalis (A-5): Vanilla Ophion BA stout; Mortalis in the Park DIPA; Hydra Pistachio Molten Cake; Gemini Strawberry + Kiwi + Starburst.

Nine Spot (D-3): Town of Porter Porter; NSB ESB; Roy Lichtenhainer lilac smoked sour wheat ale.

Noble Shepherd: Pistachio Pudding Sour; New Zealand Pilsner w/ Sauvignon Blanc; mixed cans.

Okay Beer (H-3): Curuba (Passionfruit) Kolsch; Oak-aged Local Cream Ale; TBD.

Old Thunder (D-9): 340 Lager; False Kingdom IPA.

Other Half (D-7): More Jasper than All Jasper TIPA; HDHC Broccoli’s Axe DIPA; Mmm… Fruit (Strawberry Banana) sour; Past and Present: Cream Ale; Doug (?!?!); TDH All Nectaron Everything DIPA; some wild surprises.

Pressure Drop (G-2): Something ridiculously fresh and hoppy; Rye BA Blackalicious.

Prison City (I-3): Mass Riot IPA; Barrel-aged Wham Whams imperial stout.

Rare Form (C-4): Confetti Mexican lager; Royal Coconut Cream Ale.

Resurgence (H-1): Greenheart IPA; On the Tee sour.

Rising Storm (I-14): Mango Guava Coconut It Was Written sour IPA; All of the Lights (Mosaic) hazy pale ale; Things done Changed hazy IPA.

Roc (D-1): WWHD (What Would Heather Drink) dry-hopped Helles lager; Raspberry Miami Weisse sour.

Rohrbach Brewing (at its own stand, across from A): Radle On radler; Sunday Brunch IPA; Jill and the Giant Peach sour; Barrel-aged Tripel.

Sager (C-6): Gladiator Imperial Italian Pilsner; Jessica Rabit Red Ale; Burton-on-Genesee English IPA; King Charles Porter.

Seed + Stone (I-13): Sima mead; Blackberry mead; Azacca God cider; Citrus Splash cider.

Silver Lake (D-6): Barrel-Aged Midnight Creep imperial (slightly sour and funky) stout; Wheat Saison; Barrel-aged brett Grisette or German Pilsner.

Sloop (I-10): Das Jaegermeister IPA; Italian Pilsner.

Steuben (I-2): Perle Kolsch; Coldbrook Pilsner.

Stoneyard (C-7): Hats Off #1 (barrel fermented sour); Citrus Fruit Punch Nectar; Coconut Shrimp Kareem.

Strangebird (C-13): Wyvern DIPA; Sailing Shoes Pilsner; White Wine BA Savoir Vivre Tripel.

Swiftwater (A-1): Swifty Shifty lemon light lager; Kolsch; Fruit Float (Pineapple Orange Guava) heavily fruited sour; Dry-hopped saison (Bergamot).

Thin Man (I-6): Wake and Lake pineapple IPA; Certified Squid fruited sour.

Three Heads (C-14): Barrel-aged Barleywine; Rye Dye Rye IPA.

Threes (I-11): All or Nothing West Coast IPA; Vliet Pilsner.

Tin Barn (B-2): Pacific Cooler sour; Back 40 IPA.

Trophy (D-8): Cloud Surfer modern IPA; Cakebier (BA pastry stout).

Underground Beer Lab (G-1): Defies Logic pale ale; Mix of IPAs.

Wayland (H-4): Larkspur wit; Full Send Citra IPA; Fun Fact West Coast Pilsner; Festa cherry sour.

Wild East (D-4): Subtle Reference (Threes collab) foeder-aged Czech lager; Turnstyle Nopal (prickly pear margarita-inspired Berliner weisse); Punk Lullaby West Coast IPA; Prescience (brett blonde ale).

Young Lion (C-10): Raspberry Sour; Mexican Lager; Mocha Stout.

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